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A mom of four is still looking to fulfill her dream of becoming the oldest cheerleader in Houston Texans franchise history, despite not making the team this year.

Melanie Way is on a mission. For the past few months she’s worked on her diet, exercise, and dance routine.

She hoped her hard work would pay off when she auditioned for a Texans cheerleading position Saturday.

“I’ve been telling myself, ‘when I make the squad,'” Way said. “When I make the team.”

This was confidence she gave herself, because the moves don’t come as easy anymore.

“Just because I’m 42 doesn’t mean your life is over,” Way said.

The Texans said the oldest cheerleader they’ve ever had was in her mid-30’s.

Experience is a good thing for her though. Way performed as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader 21 years ago.

“It was fun dancing on the field,” Way said. “It’s an amazing experience to be out there and the fans are cheering and you’re dancing, you’re just having a blast.”

Way wasn’t the only one looking for this kind of experience. The team said upwards of 1,000 auditioned for 35 spots.

Unfortunately, Way did not make the team this year, but still plans to try out again next year.

“The dance in round 2 was difficult, but I’m sure if I were able to practice three months in advance like the other girls, I would’ve made it to round 3,” she said.

Candidates for Houston Texans cheerleaders need to be 18, have a high school diploma, be able to work 10 games, and make 50 appearances during the year.

Way says money wasn’t her reason for auditioning. Since her time with the Cowboys, she got married and raised kids.

She also used the opportunity as a way to show her kids that age is just a number.

“I hope they see that and I hope they take that with them as they get older and they chase their dreams just like I am,” Way said.